Thursday, December 29, 2011

SharePoint 2010 Custom IFilter development update

The previous post on IFilter development for Windows and SharePoint, I included several links to resources we used to code a custom IFilter; the hope being they would be useful to anyone looking to write their own, seeing as how difficult it was to find accurate information on the subject.

Alex Culp did an outstanding job with the IFilter, so much so that Microsoft asked him to write a MSDN article on the subject of writing a custom IFilter.  The custom file type wasn't the issue, it was all the complexities of C++ and IFilter development combined with registry entries, properties, 32bit/64bit details and so forth, like how the 64-bit version of Visual Studio creates a 32-bit installer by default which then didn't install the correct version of the .Net dlls.  Another bit-ness nugget is to pay attention to which Regedit you run when setting registry entries; 64-bit entries are not visible to the 32-bit executable.
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