Monday, September 21, 2009

Software as Literature

Alternative title: Sonnets to CPUs

Have you ever noticed that code follows some basic patterns? JUnit uses Setup(), Test(), Teardown().

I’ve playfully mixed writing and coding below.

//[Play about A Monarch's Destiny, in three acts]
Public KingdomFuture tellTheTaleOfMyRule(Kingdom landMyFatherLeftMe)
//[1st Act: Build Drama]
Vassal mySubjects = SoliloquyAboutMyKingdom.getMyPeasants();
Boolean mySubjectsLoyalty = testOfLoyalty(mySubject);

Vassal theCaptainOfTheGuard = SoliloquyAboutMyKingdom.getMyTrustedRightHandMan();
Boolean myTrustedServantsLoyalty = testOfLoyalty(theCaptainOfTheGuard);

KingdomFuture historysTaleOfMyRule = KingdomFuture.UNDECIDED;

//[2nd Act: Drama plays out]
if ( mySubjectsLoyalty == TRUE
&& myTrustedServantsLoyalty == TRUE)
historysTaleOfMyRule = ExpandKingdomByForce(mySubjects);
if ( mySubjectsLoyalty == FALSE
&& myTrustedServantsLoyalty == FALSE)
historysTaleOfMyRule = ImposeDispicableLaws(mySubjects);

//[3rd Act: resolve drama]
if ( deceptionHiddenSuccessfully(theCaptainOfTheGuard) )
return oldRulerOverthrown;
return historysTaleOfMyRule;
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